We are thrilled to feature our very first handmade hero. Her story is of serendipity, of finding a passion she never knew she nurtured. Meet Leena Gavande of Bindurekha, a premium range of handmade designer accessories. The lady who made a few bracelets and earrings on a whim and made a cool sum of Rs. 6000/- by selling them in a week! Thus began her journey of churning out beautiful collections year after year.

Founded in 2009 by Leena and her husband Manish, brand Bindurekha means a line of dots, a verse- an apt name for a fashion label and completely synonymous with her creativity. While Leena handles the design part, Manish takes care of marketing and operations.



Being a creative person at heart, Leena had long harbored a passion to design home decor items and accessories. The push came when recession hit in 2008, she decided to quit her job in the IT industry and start her own label. Even after seven years of constantly turning her passion into livelihood, her excitement about her work is infectious.

“Once I am at the studio, I just start working with the material at hand, and by God’s grace and designs just happen. God has been kind to me and I think he guides me all the time”

The challenge of creating new designs that are different from the ones available in the market keeps her going. Their ‘Dhaatu’ collection made from copper, brass and german silver using the centuries old metal-smithy techniques received overwhelming response. The creative workaholic that she is, working on new designs is motivation enough for her to rush to her studio every morning! With friends and well-wishers encouraging her to make new designs, there is no stopping her force and determination to succeed.



“Being a mother and an entrepreneur is tiring but the satisfaction of managing it all is immense and I thank the Almighty for this opportunity”

We have faith Leena will be dishing out new designs with the same enthusiasm in another ten years. When we asked her how she felt about the handmade movement she put it in one sentence:

“You cant buy love but you can buy handmade and that’s kind of the same thing”

We completely agree. Good luck to Leena, Manish and Team Bindurekha from The Handmade Co. Find her beautiful work here.

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