Nothing is more satisfying than the beautiful art you make with your own hands, letting the colours flow and create magic. Wait, one thing is. A big smile on the face of your customerth! Now that takes the cake. And for Manisha Bapna, artist and designer at Titlee that is the biggest motivation to make new art.

A vibrant medley of free flowing colours, Titlee is your one stop shop for utilitarian and aesthetic home and office décor accessories. What’s more? Each product is customised in such a way that it suits the taste and captures the imagination of the buyer.

“Life is full of colours, we just have to paint it our way!”


Manisha fuses various art forms – traditional and contemporary- to create wonders for handmade lovers. Be it a new piece or an existing decor item you wish to upcycle, just hand it over to Manisha and wait for her magic. It’s been less than a year since she started pursuing her creativity but she’s already mastered all forms such as glass, paper, cloth, wood, MDF, and brass.

A corporate trainer by profession Manisha considers Titlee as an extension of her job- communicating with people- only the medium is different.

“I look forward to spend time with my colors and create something new everyday. This is my form of meditation.”


Taking each day as it comes, Manisha wants to work with niche tasteful clients who understand colours and the life they give to any object. She strongly dislikes mass production and does not wish to go down that path. Staying unique in a crowded world is what she believes in. That quite explains why we think she is a handmade hero!

You can see her work here.

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