When we first came across Swati’s work, we must admit we were blown away! Very rarely does one find such stunning and intricate jewelry nowadays!

In spite of having worked in 2D animation for close to two decades, Swati had her heart set on art and handicrafts. Jewelry-making was her main attraction. And one day, she decided to give more time to something that she loved – that marked her entry into the world of wire woven jewelry at The Color Chaos.

Conceptualising, designing, and then making every piece of wire-wrapped jewelry gives Swati a channel to express her creativity and emotions. Wire wrapped jewelry that is similar to Filigree which is a beautiful form of creating art with wires. The pieces of jewelry are usually made of really thin gold or silver wires, woven with beautiful beads of various sizes or twisted threads. It does not involve soldering of wires. The history of this ancient art can be found as far as in Italy, Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece as well as in India.


My inspiration to create comes from the colors and shapes

Founding “The Color Chaos” over one and a half years ago, Swati stepped into the professional world of jewelry making and took her art to various platforms. She started experimenting with various types of beads, designs, mediums et al. The more she got into it, the more inspired she was with the colors and shapes around her. As is evident, each stunning piece of art that she designs has its own story to tell.

There is a long process that goes into the final production of each and every piece of jewelry. Her day starts early by 9 am, when she sits down patiently with her thoughts, sketching down her designs on paper. Right from designing, to the selection of raw material, to the final production and polishing of the product, Swati ensures perfection in each and every piece, which takes anywhere up to 2 days. Her attention to detail of what a client wants and ensuring that the piece of art breathes life brings smiles on the faces of her numerous satisfied customers.

It is quite obvious that she finds peace in these beautiful pieces of jewelry, losing herself, and then finding herself back again every day. Her addiction and hard work take new forms every time she experiments with a new design, shape, color, and medium.

As Swati says, “Art is unlimited, Art forms are unlimited, Art genres are unlimited, Explorations are unlimited, Passion is unlimited, Love is unlimited,
Beauty is unlimited, and for you beautiful people, My handmade is unlimited


We wish her all the best and hope to see her passion turn into more striking designs that leave us speechless. You can find more of her work here and read her blog here.

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