Not one to be bogged down with situations that don’t let you pursue your dreams, Aarti Verma’s story is that of letting life take its own course. Only to find that everything happens for a good reason. An Art teacher diploma from the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Arts, Aarti worked as an Art and Craft teacher for a year. Due to financial reasons she had to quit the field and take up a well-paying job. But fifteen months after working in a BPO, she decided to give her true calling another chance and took up a course in Design. However, she could not complete the course due to monetary constraints. Despite facing roadblocks, she believed destiny had something better in store for her.

Now when I look back, I feel whatever happens has a strong reason behind it.

Aarti always knew she wanted to do something different in the field of Art and Fashion as these were her twin passions. She harboured a dream of doing something out of the ordinary and not be just another designer working for a label. She took up the challenge of starting her own design and production venture. And thus, Art meets Fashion was started on 1st September 2010 by the passionate designer with a vision to support the handmade products of Indian art and craft mediums.
Though initial days were full of a lot of struggling for sales, Aarti never gave up on her passion and dream. Her persistent efforts ensured that the sales grew upwards and she was able to achieve her goals. Art meets Fashion gives her a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Art Meets Fashion handbags

To say that she has come a long way since the launch would be an understatement. Not only has her sheer perseverance helped her become financially stable, but she has also been supporting handmade production across all the medium. Photographs of happy and satisfied customers, posing with her products, motivate her to keep going. A firm believer that Indian art is very rich in culture and has a global appeal she constantly promotes Indian art through Art meets Fashion.

Right from replying to emails, working on new designs, sourcing the fabric and raw materials to taking the pictures of her products keeps her busy through the day. She now plans on tying up with various local folk artisans to promote our folk art and support it on a wider level though fashion. Art meets Fashion plans to bring together the contemporary and traditional, old and new, desi and international on a single plate and offer the best designs to the customers. One can see the efforts and love put in each hand-painted bag. This is what make her hand made products stand out from the mass and digitally produced ones.

Getting a digitally printed bag is very easy, but each hand painted bag is unique with minute details being taken care of.

Aarti has an advice for fellow artists and makers of beautiful handmade items: Always follow your heart, discover your passion, explore opportunities, believe in your potential, work hard, stay consistent, try to come up with something new, be prepared for rejections but at the same time have enough courage to go on with the same passion.

handbag by Art meets Fashion

Touching something with half your heart will not give the desired results. Give it your fullest

Aarti spends her free time illustrating and painting. You can see her work here. Also see see products from Art meets Fashion here.

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