“A crocheted piece is the lovely manifestation of a thought, expressed through hand, heart, hook, and yarn.”  Says Francine Toukou.  Suma, a cheery creative soul, who is the brain behind “ The Little Yarn Owl” finds vibrant colors of yarn and the sentiments of handmade very inspiring.  What she sees and feels around her, the colors of the spring and the warmth of the sun, inspires her to churn out the best designs of colorful baby blankets, jewellery and other accessories one after the other. Whereas the colors of the fall inspire her to make trendy scarves, neckwarmers, stylish ponchos, adorable yarn snowmen and the hootiful owl tree ornaments.

Suma’s journey with creative craft began when her mom introduced her to the world of crocheting at a young age of 11. Like every other kid that age, her art took a backseat for many years, till one day she started hooking doilies as farewell gifts and a skirt for her niece. One of her creations- a cute owl incidentally became the logo of  “ The Little Yarn Owl”- as the name suggests. The love and appreciation from her friends motivated her to make a presence online.


Suma is so addicted to crocheting, that she likes the repetitiveness of crochet stitches. As the saying goes, crocheting fuels one’s energy tremendously, she gets immense satisfaction when she takes up and completes each challenging job of hooking colorful and trendy products.

Her entrepreneurial journey began 4 years back when she posted a few pictures of some of her creations online and got very good reviews about the products, her choice of colors and attention paid to the minute details. She treasures the feedback and appreciation she gets from every single happy customers and that is what keeps her going. She has changed the perception of many a people regarding this old art of crocheting. It is still considered an outdated and dainty form of art, whereas Suma has used this same old art to make modern, trendy and stylish accessories and other home décor elements. You must have a look at her eclectic pieces to believe her!

A self-confessed ‘yarnaholic’, Suma can spend an entire day creating new stuff, painting, quilling or crocheting. Her day begins with kids being sent off to school, walking her pet dog, an hour on social media, replying to the inquiries and emails. Chaos of colors comforts her, and then she starts getting ideas to create something unique. Leave her with her hook, yarn, music and a hot cup of tea, and voila! You will surely see something colorful churned out of her yarn box.


Her latest project – the yarn jewellery that she exhibited recently was appreciated by many. In the future, Suma plans to collaborate with someone to crochet bags, plans to hold workshops for under-privileged women and do a lot more.

There is so much to do. The list is limitless.

For those who are not familiar with “crochet”, it is a French word, which means a ”hook”. It is different than knitting which is done using a pair of needles.Knitting can be done with machines, but crochet is strictly a hand-art. In crochet, no loop is permanent. One can change the loop as many times as one wants.  From lace to granny squares to mandalas, crochet has come a long way. Even the biggest of the fashion houses have introduced this form in to their designs.

Suma’s creative mantra is to keep learning something new all the time. She has recently taken a liking for calligraphy and has even been a part of a project with the Polish crochet artist, Olek, to cover homeless shelters in Delhi.


I strongly believe that you can never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

We totally agree! There is a lot to learn from the world and from each other! We wish Suma success in the creative world of crocheting. See more pictures of her work here.Happy Yarn’in.

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