Mix your knowledge of science with art and colors and what do you get? Yes, you get “Color Chemistry”.  That is what Navita likes to do. She unleashes her power of imagination by experimenting with various media, surfaces, colors, design forms and techniques.

For someone who had been into full-time corporate job, quitting a regular job to turn her pastime into passion, life has never been dull. As an impressionist artist, she has always been trying out new forms of art through line drawings, illustrations and painting in charcoal, pencils, acrylic, oils and mixed media and decoupage.  Navita has been painting on glass bottles, stones, wood, paper, fabric and canvases for a while now. And this is how she creates beautiful pieces for home decor.


Navita has been painting for about four years now. Her passion has clearly become her identity. She expresses her creativity and gives freedom to her thoughts through her creations. She loves to learn new forms of art and since she is not a trained artist, spends a lot of time in learning about different types of materials and forms.

Artists are like a flowing river that can break through mountains or banks and reach far and wide

How did she get inspired? As a kid, she had always been very popular for her  skills in sketching and making posters & lab reports. She found her inspiration in the creative atmosphere of Gurgaon, the city of her residence, through internet, blogs, websites and online tutorials. What a unique way to enhance one’s creativity and give wings to passion! Color Chemistry was born one year back, initially as a Facebook page, then turning into a social media tool to facilitate the interaction with the world.

It is here in Gurgaon, that she participated in Gurgaon Artistes’ Fest (GAF), first of its kind community-based urban beautification project. Is there a better way to unleash one’s creativity, than to be amongst 100 artists, putting up 11 creative installations on busy MG Road and paint each wall with a chosen theme? Meeting and working with so many professionals and artists inspired her all the more. The works of other artists motivates her to creating something new every day. And now she has become addicted to learning, creating, falling and getting up every day.

A typical day in her life is never the same. On any given day, she takes on complex works, reads and practices and also does the repeat orders. She remains engrossed in her project till she completes it and is completely satisfied with the outcome. Most of her time goes in planning for her next theme and art supplies. She believes that portraying her products well, by way of good photography is equally important. She tries to get the perfect shots with proper lighting, equipment and other settings. During the daytime she likes to paint, draw and do intricate work, while at night she prefers to work on concepts or do lighter jobs of craft and decoupage.


It’s a very novel idea when one wants to share his or her knowledge with the society and give back in some form. Navita wants to hold workshops for women so that everyone can enjoy the simple pleasures of art and craft and get away from the world. She will soon introduce workshops for younger student as well.

She also plans to foray into projects like Madhubani and Gond art. The products that she plans to work upon are jewelry and wall murals on different mediums. She has also learnt calligraphy and likes to add the power of hand-written on hand-mades, turning her final products into the unique must-haves at home.

Sharing her thoughts with readers, Navita says “A creative moment is part of a longer creative process which in turn is part of a creative life”. She believes for an artist, life is a series of creative moments woven together with their imagination and art. Every day is a new day for them. Their inspiration lies in the way they look at life in its myriad colors and create art out of it. Artists are like a flowing river that can break through mountains or banks and reach far and wide. Their ability to create imagination into reality is a powerful reminder that we must believe in ourselves and keep creating despite all odds. A masterpiece remains one only till the next one is created. Keep stretching your boundaries, imagining, creating and flowing just like the river.


About her art form, it has many facets. It is a chemistry of all that one knows. Exploring different media and infusing them with designs using a mix of materials is what fascinates her. She is attracted to unconventional surfaces; be it glass bottles, stone, wood, metal or canvas and enjoy creating themes around them and experimenting with colors. She strongly believes in the creative freedom to search the soul of the materials and then see how they work together. For instance, she has been creating art bottles in oil paints which is not a popular medium to use. It takes months to dry, but it gives her immense satisfaction. She creates a range of home decor and decoupage items and enjoys recycling items and using mixed media and decoupage together on a variety of surfaces – stone, wood, metal and glass. Apart from all this she also has a passion of creating ladies scarves and dupattas with fabric colors, embroidery and stamp printing.

She has been painting in acrylics and oils with the main themes like females, nature and landscapes. A bundle of energy and passion that Navita is, we wish her a colorful flight in the world of creativity touching many lives.

You can explore her artwork here.

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