Anchal Gupta is a known name to all those who admire and are interested in making their very own handmade products. Her workshops have received a great response in Pune. Only few months since its inception, Anchal’s startup “The DIYers” has touched many hearts and given the creative freedom to a lot of people.

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I don’t believe at artists are born. At DIYers we believe that everyone is an artist, and by the end of the workshop, our participants also feel the same

Looking at the happy faces of the participants and their lovely creations from her workshop, we could not deny that fact. For Anchal too, it has been a long journey before starting DIYers. She worked as a software engineer in a renowned firm for three years. Eventually Anchal realized that her work was rather monotonous and in the competitive world of corporate it was difficult to get time out to do what one loves. That is when she decided to start DIYers as she always loved making things with her own hands.


“The DIYers officially came into existence on 22nd April 2017, while I was still working. As we grew, there was so much to do and I decided to quit my job and chase my dream” says Anchal. With just her family and a couple of close friends with her as a part of The DIYers, Anchal embarked on her venture.  As the name suggests, The DIYers, -Do It Yourself (DIY) – one gets to make their own craft right from scratch. One gets to learn various art forms right from canvas painting to decoupage. Anyone who wants to experience the joy of creating things with their own hands should head here. A little ‘me’ time in your busy schedules is all you need.


While most of us would think that handmade industry is rather new in India, Anchal thinks it is only a matter of appreciation and more recognition. For her the biggest challenge as a creative business owner, is that people think twice before going for handmade since factory manufactured, ready-made things come cheaper.  But she also believes that with this initiative people will figure out for themselves how much effort and feelings are put into handmade things.



Thanks to the presence of digital media that does not limit your reach, Anchal also relies on Facebook and WhatsApp to reach out to people. She also participates in various flea markets and has enjoyed a large footfall. But above all, she sincerely believes that,  word of mouth publicity works best which is why she tries to give people the best experience at The DIYers workshops. The happy faces after the workshop, all the effort put behind the scenes feels worth it.

I always wanted to do something that gives people a little joy and that what keeps me going.


This mantra has surely made many people closely connected with the DIYers and its purpose.  Helping others to get their creative juices flowing, to help them make a masterpiece out of nothing and to refresh them is what makes Anchal tick. We, at The Handmade Co., share the same vibes and wish Anchal and The DIYers, ultimate success in getting more people to proudly make their own art.







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