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Papercuts: A Mindblowing Form Of Art!

Give someone a paper and most likely he will draw on it. But give it to Parth Kothekar our featured handmade hero and he will give it a new life. Close to a 1000 admirers on Etsy, and 79K views to his credit for an article he wrote on Boredpanda, Parth – an artist from Ahmedabad, India- is a star. Born in an average middle class family, one would have expected Parth to take his studies seriously and follow the usual path of academics and a corporate job. But his creative calling kept him away from books. He sketched more than he ever wrote.

After high school he decided to join an animation institute to nurture his artistic skills. However he dropped out eventually because the course focused only on 3D animation. What interested Parth more were 2D art forms. With free time on his hands, Parth again immersed himself into his sketch books and filled them up with designs. Once he quit the institute, he began sketching full time. And thus was born, Papercut Artworks a collection of jaw-droppingly delicate designs carved on paper. Every piece is hand sketched and hand carved from single sheets of paper using a pencil and papercut knife. In simple black and white, every single piece of art by Parth blows your mind away.

Fascinated by silhouettes and shadows, Parth began experimenting with graffiti stencils. When he works on a piece, he is quite unsure about how it will turn out at the end. This excitement of finding out how the outcome will be is what has kept him hooked. In fact when most of the people around him didn’t even know that form of art like this existed, Parth kept trying and kept creating something new. The same people who were clueless about what he was up to were now praising him to the skies- the reason obviously was his artwork.

My art work itself is my inspiration.

It has been four years since Parth started bringing life to a piece of paper. He starts the sketch on a white paper, cuts out intricate designs using his knife and then paints it black. The transformation he makes of a white sheet of paper into striking artworks is unbelievable. The initial pleasant surprise most of his admirers get is that the designs are not glass print but Papercut. The second is that each piece is carved by hand, one sliver and flake at a time.

With enough motivation to create more and more beautiful designs, Parth starts his day at 10 am and on some days goes on till wee hours of the next morning. Like any other dedicated artist, Parth is addicted to the art and feels unwell if he skips a day.

He has now his eyes set on inventing something beyond what he has already achieved. Constantly experimenting with various mediums like lamps and layers, Parth wants to see how his art form can evolve further. All we want to say to him is that we cant wait to see where this goes!

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