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Towel-made Gifts

Each one of us has gone through the harrowing time of picking a gift for our loved ones. We have spent a lot of time thinking of gifts that are unique yet useful. Well, Priyanka of Gift Bakery has a solution. A simple towel or a bottle of wine is packaged so well that it is no longer just that. It is transformed into something beyond our imagination. It will almost break your heart while opening it.

An Electronics and Telecommunications engineer working in Pune, decided to take a break from her career after becoming a mother. As she spent more time to watch her baby grow, her other baby was taking shape in her mind. And Gift Bakery was born. Her unique concept of gifting towel-made gifts is something that stays for a long time, and then can be unfolded and reused, increasing the life and usage of the gift all the more. Her passion and love of gifting useful and creative stuff to her loved ones, gave her the idea of starting her own venture and help others with beautiful gifting ideas. Apart from her flagship product of towel-made gifts, she also designs and packages other types of gifts with grace. And while she unleashes her creativity, she ensures that there is minimum or zero wastage and every element of the gift can be later used again.

A towel-made gift is for all occasions and age groups. Some gifts are consumed, some remain as decorative pieces in homes and some get wasted away. But Priyanka’s gifting concept is so innovative that it creates a lasting impression. Even after years of keeping it as it is, one can decide to just unfold the same and use it. She ensures that each gifting pattern is unique and has not been done before, like a ready-made dress being turned into a rose for presenting

Make a memory that is etched on the heart

The constant support and encouragement of her husband fueled her ambitions of creative designing abilities. So whether it is a friend or relative, young or old, she has a different gifting option for everyone. Her aim is to see smiling faces and wants to be a part in creating a memory for her clients.

A simple “Wow” from her customers after seeing her art of designing and packaging the gift, is something that Priyanka loves the most. Gifts Bakery plans to expand their work and want to spread across other areas in Pune in future.

Apart from her 8-month old baby Gifts Bakery, Priyanka has her hands full with her 2-year old son keeping her on her toes all the time. Right from locking them outside their room to curiously looking over his mother giving gifts a makeover, the little one sure knows how to keep his mom busy. We wish her the best and hope that she touches many lives and helps them create unique gifting memories.

Find more of her work here.

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